Diggin' Up Our Family Tree


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  1. Marriage Announcement for Kenney & McGrogan. The Gazette. 26 Jan 1910.

  2. Marriage Announcement for Kilpatrick & Mabee. The New Era. 06 Feb 1930.

  3. Marriage Announcement for King & Mancill. Village Record. 04 Jan 1853.
    [Marriage On the 22d ult., by Eld. John Duer, Mr. AARON KING, of West Pikeland township, Chester county, to Miss MARY F. MANCILL, of West Vincent, Chester county.]

  4. Marriage Announcement for King & Snofenger. Village Record. 30 Nov 1852.
    [Marriage On the 18th inst., by Rev. H.S. Miller, Mr. GEO. KING, Jr., of West Pikeland, Chester county, to Miss SARAH ANN SNOFENGER [?], of Norristown.]

  5. Marriage Announcement for King & Wagner. Village Record. 31 Oct 1865.
    [Marriage October 25th, by Rev. S. Sentman, Mr. PRESTON W. KING, to Miss ANNA C. WAGNER, both of Chester Springs, Pa.]

  6. Marriage Announcement for King & Williams. Village Record. 14 Dec 1841.
    [Marriage By the Rev. F. Ruthrauff, Mr. THOMAS KING, to Miss SOPHIA WILLIAMS, both of Pikeland township, Chester county.]

  7. Marriage Announcement for Klein & Rozeboom. Hospers Tribune. 25 Feb 1916.

  8. Marriage Announcement for Lammer & Oordt. The Alton Democrat. 16 Oct 1936.

  9. Marriage Announcement for Leonard Jansma & Hattie Gerritson. The Alton Democrat.

  10. Marriage Announcement for Lewis & Philips. Village Record. 09 Feb 1864.
    [Marriage On the 14th of January, by the Rev. John W. Griffith, Mr. ABNER E. PHILIPS, of Mahanoy City, Schuylkill county, to Miss ADALINE C. LEWIS, of Warwick township, Chester county.]

  11. Marriage Announcement for Little & Potts. Village Record. 09 Oct 1860.
    [Marriage On the 25th by Rev. Mr. Porter, Mr. JOSEPH McKANE POTTS, of Pottstown, to Miss MARY LITTLE, of Charlestown, Chester county.]

  12. Marriage Announcement for Lloyd & Vanderslice. Village Record. 18 Apr 1865.
    [Marriage At the residence of the bridefather, on Tuesday, April 11th, 1865, by Rev. Wm. Smith, of Philadelphia, Mr. HORACE LLOYD, and Miss MARY ELIZA VANDERSLICE, both of Phoenixville.]

  13. Marriage Announcement for Longacre & Miller. Village Record. 06 Jan 1846.
    [Marriage On the 25th ult., by Rev. C.F. Welden, Mr. HENRY MILLER, to Miss ELIZABETH LONGACRE, both of East Vincent, Chester county.]

  14. Marriage Announcement for Mabee & Chrisman. The New Era. 07 Jul 1888 & 07 Jul 1988.

  15. Marriage Announcement for Mak & Muilenburg. Rock Valley Bee. 19 Jan 1917.

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