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  1. Marriage Announcement for High & Tyson. Village Record. 13 Feb 1866.
    [Marriage By Alderman Wm. Davis, at the residence of the bride, in East Vincent, Chester county, on the 24th of December, 1865, Mr. JACOB HIGH, to Miss ELIZABETH TYSON, all of East Vincent, Chester county.]

  2. Marriage Announcement for Hinkson & Mancill. Village Record. 29 Dec 1868.
    [Marriage MANCILL - HINKSON - On December 24th, at Maple Dell, Chester county, by the Rev. J.J. Pomeroy, Mr. GEORGE ELLWOOD MANCILL, of West Philadelphia, to Miss MARTHA R. HINKSON, of Chester county.]

  3. Marriage Announcement for Hipple & Mosteller. Village Record. 21 Nov 1854.
    [Marriage By Rev. J.B. Knipe, on the 14th of Nov., Mr. GEORGE C. MOSTELLER, of West Pikeland, to Miss SUSAN HIPPLE, of West

  4. Marriage Announcement for Hipple & Yeager. Village Record. 19 Oct 1858.
    [Marriage On Saturday, october 2d, by the Rev. J.B. Knipe, Mr. PETER YEAGER to Miss FAITHFUL HIPPLE, all of Chester county.]

  5. Marriage Announcement for Hoffman & Wynn. Village Record. 29 Jan 1861.
    [Marriage On Thursday morning, the 17th instant, at the bride home, by the Rev. George Hall, Mr. JOHN R. HOFFMAN, to Miss MARY ANN WYNN, all of Chester county.]

  6. Marriage Announcement for Hoffs & Schaafsma. Alton Democrat. 29 Dec 1917.

  7. Marriage Announcement for Holderom & Michener. Village Record. 06 Jan 1852.
    [Marriage At South Coventry, Chester county, on the 1st inst., by Nathan Michener, Esq., JOSEPH HOLDEROM [?], of New Jersey,
    to Miss SARAH A. MICHENER, eldest daughter of Dr. Nathan Michener, of Chester county, Pa.]

  8. Marriage Announcement for Hunt & Phillips. Village Record. 09 Jun 1846.
    [Marriage On Thursday, the 28th ult., by Mayor Swift, JOSIAH PHILLIPS, of Chester county, to MARY HUNT, daughter of Thomas Hunt, of Philadelphia.]

  9. Marriage Announcement for Hyink & Lindgren. Montana Standard. 23 Feb 1958.

  10. Marriage Announcement for Jansma & Couch. The Alton Democrat. 15 Jan 1948.

  11. Marriage Announcement for Jansma & Randall. The Evening Tribune. 17 Sep 1963.

  12. Marriage Announcement for Johnson & Mancill. Village Record. 15 Feb 1870.
    [Marriage MANCILL - JOHNSON - On Thursday, February 10, by J.H. Castle, D.D., in Philadelphia, No. 141 north 9th street, Mr. MAURICE H. MANCILL, to Miss EMMA M. JOHNSON, both of Oxford.]

  13. Marriage Announcement for Jones & Mosteller. Village Record. 25 Dec 1866.
    [Marriage By the Rev. J.B. Knipe, on the 4th inst., Mr. JOSEPH MOSTELLER, of Coventry village, to Miss SALLIE E. JONES, of West Vincent.]

  14. Marriage Announcement for Keeley & Philips. Village Record. 02 Apr 1850.
    [Marriage On the 26th ult., by the Rev. J.M. Richard, Mr. LEWIS PHILIPS, to Miss AMANDA KEELEY, all of Chester county.]

  15. Marriage Announcement for Keeley & Phillips. Village Record. 25 Nov 1856.
    [Marriage On the 18th inst., by the Rev. T. Jones, Mr. ISAAC C. PHILLIPS, of West Fallowfield, to Miss MELVINA D. KEELEY, of Pughtown, Chester county.]

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