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  1. Marriage Announcement for Fred & Bernice Scherzer. The Sheldon Mail. 05 Aug 1953.

  2. Marriage Announcement for Fry & King. Village Record. 30 Dec 1845.
    [Marriage On Thursday the 25th inst., by the Rev. John McCron, Mr. JOHN FRY, to Miss MARY ANN KING, both of Pikeland township, Chester county.]

  3. Marriage Announcement for Gause & Philips. Village Record. 12 Dec 1868.
    [Marriage GAUSE - PHILIPS - By the Rev. J.S. Gilmor, December 5th (and only a few hours previous to the death of the bride father, Josiah Philips,) WILLIAM T. GAUSE and ELIZABETH M. PHILIPS, all of Kennett Square, Pa.]

  4. Marriage Announcement for Griffith & Hawley. Village Record. 25 Jan 1859.
    [Marriage On the 19th inst., by Friends' ceremony at the house of Joel Hawley, Lionville, LEVI G. GRIFFITH to HANNAH MARY HAWLEY, all of Chester county.]

  5. Marriage Announcement for Griffith & Michiner. Village Record. 16 Feb 1869.
    [Marriage GRIFFITH - MICHINER - On Wednesday evening, February 10th at the residence of the brideparents, by Rev. Mr. Wilson, WILMER GRIFFITH, to REBECCA MICHINER, of South Coventry.]

  6. Marriage Announcement for Griffith & Philips. Village Record. 20 Dec 1842.
    [Marriage On Tuesday the 13th inst., by Rev. T.S. Griffith, Mr. CHARLES M. GRIFFITH to Miss MARTHA E. PHILIPS, both of Chester county, Pa.]

  7. Marriage Announcement for Groen & Westra. Sioux County Herald. 24 Jan 1894.

  8. Marriage Announcement for Guest & Philips. Village Record. 29 Jan 1850.
    [Marriage On the 17th inst., by the Rev. J.M. Richard, Mr. MELCHI GUEST, to Miss ELIZABETH M. PHILIPS, youngest daughter
    of the Rev. Josiah Philips, all of Chester county.]

  9. Marriage Announcement for Hallman & King. Village Record. 03 Apr 1866.
    [Marriage On the 18th of March, 1866, at Phoenixville, Pa., by Rev. J.W. Porter, Mr. WM. A KING, to Miss MARY LIZZIE HALLMAN, all of Chester county.]

  10. Marriage Announcement for Hartman & Keeley. Village Record. 15 Jan 1850.
    [Marriage On the 1st inst., by the Rev. P. Raby, DANIEL KEELEY, to Miss CATHARINE R. HARTMAN, daughter of Benjamin Hartman,
    Esq., all of Chester county.]

  11. Marriage Announcement for Hawley & Moore. Village Record. 03 Mar 1830.
    [Marriage On Fourth-day, the 17th inst at Friends' Meeting House, in Uwchlan, CHARLES MOORE, of Vincent, to DINAH HAWLEY, daughter of Joseph Hawley, all of Chester County.]

  12. Marriage Announcement for Hawley & Reinholdt. Village Record. 29 Jan 1867.
    [Marriage At the residence of the brideparents, Pughtown, Chester county, Pa., by Friends' ceremony, on Monday, December 24th, 1866, Dr. W.D. REINHOLDT, of Norristown, Pa., to REBECCA HAWLEY.]

  13. Marriage Announcement for Hawley & Walter. Village Record. 17 Mar 1868.
    [Marriage HAWLEY - WALTER - At the Bingham House, Philadelphia, by Ald. W.P. Hibberd, on the 10th day of March, BERNARD
    HAWLEY, of Lancaster county, to EMMA H. WALTER, of Chester county.]

  14. Marriage Announcement for Herman & Leona Hobson. Oakland Tribune. 28 Dec 1922.

  15. Marriage Announcement for High & Mensh. Village Record. 06 Dec 1859.
    [Marriage On the 24th ult., by Rev. N.S. Strassburger, Mr. ADAM MENSH [?], of Pottsgrove township, Montgomery county, to Miss ELIZABETH HIGH, North Coventry township, Chester county.]

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