Diggin' Up Our Family Tree


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  1. Marriage Announcement for Diemer & Rogers. Village Record. 24 Nov 1855.
    [Marriage On the 8th inst., by Rev. Wm. Weaver, Mr. SAMUEL DIEMER, to Miss ANNA M. ROGERS, both of Springville, Chester county.]

  2. Marriage Announcement for Dowlin & Philips. Village Record. 27 Mar 1838.
    [Marriage On the evening of the 20th inst. by the Rev. L. Fletcher, of Great Valley, Mr. AUGUSTUS J. DOWLIN, to Miss SARAH T. PHILIPS, at the house of the Rev. Josiah Philips, all of Uwchlan township, Chester county.]

  3. Marriage Announcement for Dunlap & Hyink. Hawarden Independent. 05 Jul 1928.

  4. Marriage Announcement for Dykstra & Jansma. Alton Democrat. 26 Jul 1902.

  5. Marriage Announcement for Dykstra & Oordt. Sioux County Capital. 19 Sep 1940.

  6. Marriage Announcement for Eachus & McAfee. Village Record. 07 Feb 1860.
    [Marriage On Tuesday evening, of the 31st ult., at the residence of Mr. Wm. Parker, by the Rev. Samuel Aughey, Mr. JOHN EACHUS, to Miss AMANDA McAFEE, both of Chester county.]

  7. Marriage Announcement for Ellsworth & Karner. The Stevens Point Journal. 11 Jun 1904.

  8. Marriage Announcement for Evans & Ralston. Village Record. 21 Jan 1851.
    [Marriage On Tuesday, the 14th instant, by the Rev. Thomas G. Allen, Mr. ISAAC B. EVANS to Miss CATHARINE RALSTON, both of West Vincent, Chester county, Pa.]

  9. Marriage Announcement for Falk & Orton. The Hawarden Independent. 18 Jun 1953.

  10. Marriage Announcement for Feazel & Gilbert. The Daily Register. 03 Sep 1953.

  11. Marriage Announcement for Fetters & Hartman. Village Record. 02 Jan 1855.
    [Marriage On the 28th ult., by the Rev. E.W. Hutton, Mr. JOSHUA W. HARTMAN, of West Chester, to Miss CATHARINE FETTERS, of East Whiteland township, Chester county.]

  12. Marriage Announcement for Fetters & Krauser. Village Record. 17 Jan 1860.
    [Marriage On Thursday evening, the 12th inst., by the Rev. I.B. Knipe, at the residence of Mrs. Mary Fetters, of Uwchlan, Mr. JOHN KRAUSER, to Miss MARY A. FETTERS.]

  13. Marriage Announcement for Field & Jansma. Sioux County Capital. 23 Dec 1948.

  14. Marriage Announcement for Finkbiner & Hamor. Village Record. 03 Jan 1865.
    [Marriage On the 25th ult., by the Rev. Wm. Weaver, Mr. SYLVANNS S. FINKBINER, Medical Student of Jefferson College,
    Philadelphia, and Miss ELIZABETH C. HAMOR, of West Vincent, Chester county.]

  15. Marriage Announcement for Fountain & Mak. The Iowa City Press Citizen. 09 Jul 1923.

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