Diggin' Up Our Family Tree


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  1. Marriage Announcement for Christman & Wilson. Village Record. 15 Jul 1862.
    [Marriage On the 3d inst., by the Rev. J.E. Bradley, Mr. GEORGE CHRISTMAN, of Schuylkill, to Miss ELLEN WILSON, of West Vincent.]

  2. Marriage Announcement for Christman & Workman. Village Record. 26 Jun 1838.
    [Marriage In Philadelphia, on the 21st inst. by the Rev. Dr. McDowell, JNO. B. CHRISTMAN, M.D., of Springton Chester county, to Miss ISAHELA [?] WORKMAN, daughter of the late John Workman Esq. of this city.]

  3. Marriage Announcement for Christman & Worman. Village Record. 25 Nov 1845.
    [Marriage On the 13th inst., at Philadelphia, by the Rev. Thomas L. Janeway, Mr. JACOB CHRISTMAN, to Miss HANNAH WORMAN, both of Chester county.]

  4. Marriage Announcement for Christman & Wynn. Village Record. 23 Mar 1831.
    [Marriage On the 11th inst by the Rev. Levi Bull, Mr. THOS. WYNN, to Miss NARY CHRISTMAN, all of East Nantmeal, Chester county.]

  5. Marriage Announcement for Coates & Roberts. Village Record. 02 Oct 1855.
    [Marriage On the 20th ult., in East Nantmeal, Chester county, Pa., by the Rev. James A. Woodward, Dr. CHARLES E. COATES, of
    Coatesville, to ANN H. ROBERTS, eldest daughter of Leonard F. Roberts, Esq.]

  6. Marriage Announcement for Cooke & Mabee. The New Era. 04 Nov 1910.

  7. Marriage Announcement for Craw & Huber. The Clearfield Progress. 30 Aug 1961.

  8. Marriage Announcement for Cummings & Olson. The Sheldon Mail. 16 Feb 1955.

  9. Marriage Announcement for Custer & Poley. Village Record. 14 Apr 1846.
    [Marriage On the 12th of February, Mr. JOSIAH CUSTER, to Miss ELIZA POLEY, both of East Vincent.]

  10. Marriage Announcement for Custer & Rees. Village Record. 20 Jul 1847.
    [Marriage On the 6th instant, by Rev. C.F. Welden, Mr. WASHINGTON REES, to Miss SARAH CUSTER, both of East Vincent.]

  11. Marriage Announcement for Dagley & Harris. The Carmi Times. 15 Jul 1997.

  12. Marriage Announcement for Daum & Schut. Mitchell Daily Replublic. 09 Jul 1960.

  13. Marriage Announcement for Davis & Keeley. Village Record. 14 Jan 1851.
    [Marriage By the Rev. J.B. Knipe, on the evening of the 2d of Jan., Mr. JEROME KEELEY, of Uwchlan, to Miss CATHARINE DAVIS, of West Pikeland - all of Chester county.]

  14. Marriage Announcement for Davis & Philips. Village Record. 05 Apr 1853.
    [Marriage On the 29th ult., by Rev. James F. Brown, Rev. JOSIAH PHILIPS, Pastor of the Radnor Baptist Church, to Miss MARY ANN
    DAVIS, daughter of Wm. Davis, of Willistown, Chester county.]

  15. Marriage Announcement for De Graaf & Bogaard. The Alton Democrat. 30 May 1941.

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