About Us


One day in the fall of 1997, I got a phone call from my son; he wanted to research his genealogy and he wanted my help. I dug out some information I had gathered from a younger sister years before when the kids needed to do a school project on their ancestry.

It had started with information my maternal grandmother had collected and my sister had added information on my father's lines. This was before the Internet, so the only way to collect information was by writing letters and asking questions. She corresponded with relatives I only wish I could have, all long gone now. No sources were ever documented, but at least it was a place to start and a road map along the way.

My paternal grandfather had died when my dad was barely 1 year old; my grandmother had remarried and uprooted her two young sons from her first marriage and moved them across the state with her new husband, his parents and brothers & sisters.

We grew up never knowing one half of our family. It wouldn't be until years later, after I had taken up the family story that I too discovered some of them and attended a family reunion. By this time all my grandfather's siblings were either deceased or too old to travel great distances; the last one died in January 2000 and we never met.

Since 1997, I have met hundreds of 'cousins' from both the United States and Europe. We have shared information, documentation and pictures; and I have advanced our research 100 fold (plus). There are a couple of wonderful sites that have helped along the way. RootsWeb.Com has allowed me to post my information in a public forum without charge and has been instrumental in most of the connections to my new cousins. Ancestry.Com has given me access to records that I would not have otherwise had access too; well worth the fee they charge.

My son, who started all this (made me a grandmother for the first time in November 2004), is now happy to sit back and let me to do all the work.

This is for my descendents........ Casey, Kellie and now Madison. The knowledge of who your ancestors are and where they came from.